Identification help



On September 23rd, 2 suspicious individuals had gained entry into the High School/Middle School. As of now, we believe their intentions were to steal as items came up missing from the Middle School locker room.  After discovering the missing items, I requested the administration review the video to determine any possible suspects.  It was at this time, the 2 suspicious individuals were seen on camera walking the halls of the High School, entering the Middle School through the cafeteria and then leaving the area of the Middle School locker room.

Since reviewing the video, both schools with help from administration, were walked through and found to be secured and safe.  Proper precautions are already in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The safety of our School Staff and students is of upmost importance to us and we need your help.   Both schools passed around these photos and it was determined that neither individual belonged at the school.  I am requesting help in identifying these subjects.  If you know who they are please contact us at 810-765-4040.